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Proactive National Sovereignty Day

To return sovereign power to Guatemala and Latin America!

Guatemala, February 28, 2024.

On this day 21 years ago, February 28, 2003, Dr. Václav Klaus was elected President of the Czech Republic. Born in Prague in 1941, Dr. Klaus studied economics and international trade. For 15 years, between 1971 and 1986, he worked at the central bank, where he would study and end up embracing the ideas of the great Austrian economists.

Image credit: NODAL.

He founded and led the Civic Democratic Party from 1991 to 2002. He was Minister of Finance and Prime Minister, and then assumed the presidency in 2003, until 2013. Since he learned about classical conservative liberalism, he promoted the transformation of the Czech Republic and applied capitalist reforms, achieving position the country as one of the richest and most developed in the world.

Throughout his political career he defended the principles of limited government, free markets and private property. He was fiercely opposed to the political association and economic regulations that the European Union entailed and more recently to all those supranational agendas that erode the sovereignty and independence of States, especially the statist agenda of climate change.

I had the honor of meeting him and learning from him personally when he was our guest of honor and main speaker at the 3rd Foro Liberal de America Latina, held in Guatemala City in 2018.

President Klaus during his speech at the 3rd. Foro Liberal de America Latina and with him at the Palacio Nacional de la Cultura. March 2018.

Image credit: archive.

For these reasons, today we classical liberals of hispanic America remember him by commemorating National Sovereignty Day. His legacy commits us to returning sovereignty to our countries, rescinding all international treaties, pacts, protocols and agreements that result in bad laws, taxes and absolute powers for national states. Click in this link to be part of such a noble and urgent task!


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