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On Fusionism Day

The launch of the Fusionist Party is a sign of hope!

Last Sunday, August 20, Guatemala passed the second electoral round. More or less 4,208,985 Guatemalans, 45% of registered citizens, went to the polls. Of these, only 2,441,661 citizens gave their vote to the winner, Bernardo Arévalo, which confirms that he will govern with the support of only 26% of the citizens registered in the census. Little representativeness, but with the political agenda in his favor.

Dr. Ron Paul, center, best epitomizes Fusionism today.

And yet, again the silent majority wins: the abstentionists bet with 55 % (5,148,452 voters), the Blanquist vote with 1.25 % (52,687 voters) and the nullist vote with 3.50 % (147,165 voters). These brave, prudent and intelligent citizens make up the 60 % of the population that in one way or another rejected the political offer and, ultimately, the predominant political and economic system: statism.

It is in this context that we classical liberals commemorate Fusionism Day, precisely on August 20, on the occasion of the birth of Dr. Ron Paul, a former United States republican congressman who is still alive. He worthily embodies the values of fusionism, that is, moral conservatism and economic liberalism. Dr. Paul was and always is in favor of privatization, deregulation and the opening of markets to competition. Let's celebrate by activating for these public policies!

But how can we do it concretely? Attending today, Wednesday, August 23, the launch of the right-wing party that will oppose the now ruling left. The event will be held in Nais Plaza zone 9 at 6:30 p.m. Let's not despair and redouble our efforts to reverse socialism and transition our Guatemala to liberal capitalism! Here you can Register your assistance.


Guatemala, August 23, 2023.

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