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Is there a climate emergency?

Actualizado: 14 dic 2023

There isn't! What there is is a hunger for power, control and money.

I am proud to be one of the 1,841 signatories around the world of the World Climate Declaration: There is no climate emergency. You can find my name on this website:

I share this personal milestone regarding the Conference of the Parties (COP28) on climate change that is taking place these days in Dubai. It is an irrelevant issue for Guatemalans, and yet a delegation from MARN and MINEX are walking with our taxes through this opulent city in the United Arab Emirates, ironically, a nation synonymous with wealth and innovation created through oil exploitation and natural gas. What an inconsistency, right?

The British press has strongly criticized the fact that its most important delegates (Sunak, Cameron and King Charles III) arrived in Dubai on three different jets. It is estimated that at least 315 private jets have already arrived in Dubai.

Image credit: Labour Heartlands.

Many scientists, politicians and journalists associated with The Heartland Institute, CO2 Coalition, CFACT and many other independent organizations that subscribe to “climate realism” judge this as “hypocrisy.” Hypocrisy because while delegates, political leaders, mercantilist businessmen, NGO activists and even Pope Francis (who finally canceled his trip for health reasons) arrive to these meetings in their private jets emitting thousands of tons of CO2 (carbon dioxide) , you and I, like the poor in countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America, are required to reduce the use of fossil fuels. Hypocrites!

It is urgent to repeal the climate change law (decree 07-2013), as well as its government regulations and agreements, budget allocation, national council, national fund, decarbonization strategy, vice ministry and everything that subscribes to the absurd globalist agenda of climate change. If you want to know more, access my Master Class on climate realism at


Guatemala, December 6, 2023

Post scriptum: At the time of writing this article, shocking statements are made by Sultan Al Jaber, president of #COP28: "there is no science to suggest phasing out fossil fuels will limit global warming to 1.5ºC - doing so would take us back to the caves". The Sultan is a climate realist!

Dr. Sultan Al Jaber is also CEO of Adnoc, the national oil company of the United Arab Emirates.

Image credit: Nuran Erkul Kaya/Anadolu/Getty Images

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